CACEP Code of Conduct

Wrestlers at state, national and international events including training camps and other team or event functions, shall conduct themselves in a way that will bring honor to the team, state and country. Personal habits that may not agree with the standards of acceptable behavior for athletes are to be upheld and with that no smoking, using snuff or drinking alcoholic beverages are allowed. Consideration should be given to other countries laws, customs, and morals. For example, it¹s not appropriate to wear one¹s shoes inside a Japanese family¹s home. (It should be USA Wrestling¹s responsibility to educate its teams in such matters. Common sense and good taste should be exercised regarding one¹s dress. USA Wrestling should inform team members prior to departure if formal wear such as a sports coat and slacks will be required.

During a competition, if an athlete is eliminated, he is still responsible to the team and should do everything within his power to help his team succeed. Under no circumstances should an athlete consider his responsibilities to the team complete until the team leader or head coach has dismissed him of those responsibilities. Every team member is responsible to the team leader and coaching staff. Should he need to be excused from any activity he should consult the team leader.

Finally and most important, the primary purpose of the competition, camp or event is the over-all success, improvement, and promotion of the U.S. and California wrestling program. During these events team members shall take part in all mandatory activities and shall be on time for these activities.

Adopted by the USA Wrestling Board of Directors