2019 CACEP Athlete Application

The application process for the Cultural Exchange program includes completion of a number of forms and an athlete questionnaire. Each athlete will be required to submit the completed forms as well as an essay. Links to each of the forms are located below and a link to the athlete questionnaire is located HERE. Each applicant must also read and agree to abide by the CACEP Code of Conduct.
Please fully read and complete each document. Once completed you may submit the forms either by email or by using the file uploader in the athlete questionnaire. Should you have any questions, please contact either Coach Tony Guerra or Team Leader Tod Blank.

Team Coach Tony Guerra: tguerracacep@gmail.com
Team Leader Tod Blank: mdwa@att.net

Forms that must be completed and returned:

FORM 1: Athlete Essay

FORM 2: Acknowledgement of Liability.

FORM 3: Medical Release and Instructions.

FORM 4: Athlete’s Agreement.

FORM 5: Athlete’s Recommendation Letter.